Rivaldo RobertsIt seems that Pretoria is the main factory for producing fast men and women in the sprints, well this time we have the fast Rivaldo Roberts coming from Menlopark High School, Pretoria, a young athlete looking to pave his way in the world of athletics.

Rivaldo comes from Eersterust (Pretoria) in a very humble and supporting family, the family plays a very important role in terms of motivating and encouraging him. Every athlete wants to succeed and this young athlete says he loves the feeling of success because he knows that all of the work he puts in will eventually pay off at the end of the day. Looking at the progress Rivaldo has made so far, he seems to have a bright future ahead, and this young blood added “my goals are to compete at Olympic and World level, with the big boys”. He does not say these words in ignorance, but he knows the hard work he has to put in, in order to compete at the highest level.

“I know what it takes, pure hard work”, said Rivaldo, “my coaches helps me a lot when it comes to development, they are like my other mom and dad”. He mentions Rikinette Steenkamp, the phenomenal woman from Up-Tuks who recently clocked a time of 13:17 in the 100m hurdles, the best time in 23 years in South Africa, Rivaldo says she is one of the people who made him want to do this lovely sport, “she inspires me, her dedication to the sport and her love for God is amazing, she always encourages me”. Another person to add to the list is Mr. Kobus Moolman, the person who helped Rivaldo so much.

“I sometimes arranged with him to train alongside him”, as South African Track and Field is slowly growing and with the motivation and message of “anything is possible” from the fastest man in the country Simon Magakwe, the sprinter who broke the 10 seconds barrier, this momentum may lead to many young aspiring athletes like Rivaldo to reach new frontiers and become better than before. He is still developing and his current time for the 110 hurdles is 13.95 and 10.58 in the 100m dash, “I want to run 13.40 on junior high and sub 10.4 in 100m”. This shining athlete says he wants to see himself running next to high calibre athletes like Aries Merrit, Dayron Robles and our very own Lehann Fourie.

“The Lord gave me a great talent and I run for the big man”- Humble words from this humble man of God.

EC Media Manager – Adriaan Aldridge in collaboration with Rantso Mokopane.