Andre OliverOlivier took the SA national 800m title at senior SA’s in a very tactical race. But there was no doubt beforehand he’d take it, it just depended on in what manor he would do it. And if Rynardt van Rensburg would give him a go and make the first lap fast as always. But not this time round. The pace was slow and the whole pack was trailing on the back of the tall comfortable figure of Olivier. At 270 to go Duran Faro came around to make a bid for gold but that just seemed to put Olivier off ¬†early and he raced away with Van Rensburg following and the rest battling out for the bronze.

“The main objective was to defend my title, times did not matter for me at the National Champs in Pretoria. As the race started I was surprised that no one was taking out the pace hard. I found myself in the front of the pack and decided to make it slow and tactical until 250m to go, my speed was looking good in training so I was confident to leave the race until then.

I’m happy with the win, and learned a lot about myself during the championships, I’ll be running USSA in Pretoria and then start my European season in Doha, 9 May. I’m excited to run against the best in the world, as I’m in really good shape” said Andre Olivier.

EC Media Manager – Adriaan Aldridge with Theodore Nothling and Andre Olivier