Gladwin Mzazi

On the 20th of February Eaglesclub will have another Classic Shootout at UJ Stadium! This time our athletes will be competing in a 1000m race!

Mr Gladwin Mzazi himself will be in this race. Now he needs no introduction but let us inform you anyway. This is the man who out kicked class athlete Elroy Gelant in a Yellow pages race and also beat him to a SA gold in the 5000m.

1500 – 3:46
3000 – 7:50
10 000 – 28:09

Mzazi won the 2013 World Student Champs 21km and also the 2009 World Student Champs 10 000m. He also set the Gun Run 10km course record last year of 28:22. Never mind running one fast 1000m, he does 10 to 20 of them in a row!

Will you be in Mzazi’s camp?