Lindsay Hanekom - Believe in Your Ability

I was only 9 years old when I lost my mother. Not having my mom around was something difficult to deal with. The passion I have for athletics keeps me going, track and field is where I’m happy, it makes me forget everything. Takes the pain away although it never fades. And all the success I attribute to my mother. My coach from Cape Town Emil van Wyk, is like my dad and I am still in contact with him. He always encouraged and motivated me to keep going despite everything, he believed in me more than anyone else even when I didn’t believe in myself at times. He would always remind me that I should let go of the past so God can bless me abundantly. Looking back now I’m glad for his coaching guidance and father figure role in my life, he still remains my mentor. My family who always supports me through out life is also the reason for getting through my hardships.

was born in Cape Town, Blackheath. I’ve been doing athletics since primary school. I always did long distance running and cross country then the switch came in high school. I started doing 400m and 110mh and with my endurance and technique I started doing 400mh. I didn’t take athletics that seriously in the early ages, but in 2011 my matric year I ran my first 400mh race at zonal high school championships, came 7th overall in a time of 1:03s. Then I started my winter training for the first time with an old athlete friend of mine who saw raw talent and decided to help me. 2012 Came and I competed at my very first South African Juniors in Germiston and crossed the finish line in third place with a life time best of 52:12sec. Ever since I’ve been in SA 400MH junior finals every year, 2012/2013/2014. I noticed that there is a transition in the 400mh in Pretoria where athletes excel in what they do. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and joined up the Tuks Group in 2015 which has proved influential so far

This year I won the South African u23 title in the 400Mh in Bloemfontein and came 4th at the South African Senior championships in Stellenbosch and at the USSA meeting I won the 400mh in a new life time best of 50.00 sec qualifying for the world student games in South Korea. What keeps me going is the satisfaction of improving on every aspect of my race, the passion I have for athletics ,the hard work, determination and perseverance. I want to be the South African Record holder in the 400mh and an Olympic medallist. The one athlete that I look up to is Cornel Fredericks, one of the most humble and hard working athletes I know.

I have a favourite biblical quote Luke 18:27 that says “The things that seem impossible by men is possible by God”…chase your dream, believe in your God given ability, always pray through good and bad times. All of us have different backgrounds and circumstances, but that doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your ultimate goals.

Article by Lindsay Hanekom and Bundile Gumbi