Emmarie,Zarck, Khotso



Long Jump – 8.50
Triple Jump – 17.35


Long Jump – 8.41 -2nd on the 2015 Wolrd Rankings

It was during last year’s Commonwealth Games that the ‘Emmarie-clan’ had the world of sport talking about them. Godfrey ‘Croc’ Mokoena and Zarck Visser finished first and third in their respective events (Long and Triple Jump) and the coach encouraging, advising and motivating them on the sidelines, was star coach Emmarie Fouche. What makes their performances special is the fact that both of them did it after experiencing dips in their careers; dips that, with the help of their coach, was overcome.

Just a few years ago Khotso Mokoena’s career almost came to a still stand and we saw Zarck Visser in an Energade advertisement saying ‘you don’t know me yet’. Always learning more about the sport, the body and the athlete on the other hand was Coach Emmarie Fouche. It is no coincidence that the three met a few years ago and now years of planning and investing is slowly but surely paying off.

As we head into the World Championships, we can get our hopes up for these two athletes. Visser will be competing in the Long Jump whilst his training partner will go for both the Long and Triple Jump events. Both of these athletes are very competitive and we can expect nothing but great performances from them! Their current form symbolises that consistent hard work and persistence is the key to success and that nothing is impossible. Considering their current mindsets and consistent over 8m jumps, we can earnestly say that they are a force to be reckoned at this year’s championships.

Although Mokoena hasn’t been in 8.50 shape this year the Croc never fails to surprise. His best this year a 8.16m which he has jumped more than once. Zarck Visser also very unpredictable has had a few below 8m competitions but on the other side a 8.41 and a few way above 8m jumps. Their preparation has been to the par and their willpower will most definitely secure them podium positions!

We are not counting our chickens before they hatch, we are simply showing appreciation and belief in our national athletes. Along with the athletes I use Emmarie as an example to thank all our coaches that put in so many hours, sleepless nights and so much effort into our athletes! Coaches, we salute you!

Maybe we will even see Zarck, Khotso and Samaai pull off a 1,2 and 3 at World Champs.


Written by Reggie Hufkie