Nel to defend title

Last year the very first EC Classic Shootout ladies race took place and World Champs finalist Wenda Nel won in an impressive time of 1:28.05 and this year she will return to defend her title.

Athletes that will be in the onslaught to be the new EC Classic Shootout winner include World Youth 400m hurdles champion Gezelle Magerman. Magerman now up in Pretoria training with Nel wil be the second 400m hurdles athlete in this race.

This race also includes two 400m athletes in Jeanelle Griesel and Cindy van Ahlefeldt. Griesel has a personal best of 53.38 on the 400m and Van Ahlefeldt a 56.08.

The EC Active Athletics Club has entered 3 of their very own athletes in this race. Van Ahlefeldt being one of them, the other two includes their senior athlete Anelda Pypers who is a former SA medalist as well as Celia Stramrood (2:09.21 -800m) who is also a SA medalist.

Another three 800m runners that will compete in this race is the two sub 2:05 athletes Anuscha Nice (2:03.65) and Gena Lofstrand (2:04). And then Liza Kellerman (2:08.22) who is the SA u/17 Champ and also ran at the World Youth Games last year.

Also in this race is Decland Wright. Decalnd is 12 years old and will be attempting to break the 600m under 12 record that stands at 1:29.72 held by Pietro Mormino from Italy. This will prove to bring a very interesting dynamic to the race.

600m WOMEN      
Athlete Item Pb’s Club/Nationality
Wenda Nel 400H 400m – 52.09
400H – 54.37
600m – 1:28.05
Gezelle Magerman 400H 400H – 57.91 University of Pretoria
Anuscha Nice 800m 600m – 1:29.34
800m – 2:03.65
University of Pretoria
Anelda Pypers 800m 600m – 1:34.62
800m – 2:12.46
EC Active Athletics Club
Liza Kellerman 800m 800m – 2:08.22 Hoerskool Monument/Nedbank
Jeanelle Griesel 400m 400m – 53.38
Celia Stramrood 800m 800m – 2:09.21 EC Active Athletics Club
Decland Wright 800m 600m – 1:31.97 EC Active Athletics Club
Cindy van AhlefeldtAnet Coetzee 400m800m 400m – 56.08800m – 2:09.7 EC Active Athletics ClubBoksburg AC