800m Women

Caster Semenya needs no introduction when it comes to world athletics. However, after a huge dip in her athletics career, Semenya is in the best 400m, 800m and 1500m shape of her life! Let’s find out more about the 2016 world leader in the women’s 800m:

Where did the nickname Cobra come from? “I got Cobra from my signature I do after winning!” (Pictured above is her signature Cobra pose)

What school did you attend in Limpopo? “I schooled at Nthema High School in Fairlie”

If you could, describe yourself in three words please? “Dedicated, ambitious and driven” (Well, if winning a Diamond League race the Friday and passing a test the next Monday does not speak dedication, then I do not know)

Who is your role-model and why? “Maria Mutola, simply because she inspired me to be who I am today”

Name one thing no-one knows about you? “I’m a good cook”

What is the biggest athletics moment in your life? “Winning a Commonwealth Youth Games is the biggest moment of my life because that is where I was born in athletics”

Favourite music artist and favourite series? “My favourite artist is Nicki Minaj and my favourite series is Prison Break”

What other sports and teams do you support? “I love soccer and cricket and I support all sporting codes because I have a passion for sport” (Let us support our other sporting codes athletics family)

Craziest thing you have ever done? “Tie a snake around my neck” (Joh, no comment hehe)

Who is your coach and do you have something to say for him? “Jean Verster is my coach! Thank you for believing in me and making time for me and simply for just being apart of my life”

Now that you know a bit more about this champion, let’s get behind her as she aims for the Olympic gold medal at the biggest sport event on the calendar this year. Caster, more personal bests awaits and I we sure all South Africans and Africa wishes you health and prosperity.

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