Photo by Roger Sedres
Photo by Roger Sedres

Alyssa Conley is the ‘new’ name on everyone’s lips, however, she has been around for many years. Conley, the women’s 100m and 200m South African champion, has made the comeback of her lifetime which saw her qualify for the Olympic Games in both the 100m and 200m races. Her inspiring comeback story is one to note, but for now, let us find out a bit more about this star!

What is your nickname? “I have many nicknames (lol), some people call me Lyssa, my aunt Vanessa calls me Lilltjie, my sister calls me Speedy and then some know me as Speedstar”

Favourite food? “I don’t really have a favourite food, I just love food in general and if it tastes good and has great aroma, I will eat it…I have a sweet tooth though, and my mom is the greatest baker in the world, so when I am gone from home for a few months, I’ll always request milk-tart or coffee cake” (Just wondering what coach Morne Nagel has to say about that Milk-tart and coffee cake hehe)

Describe yourself in three words? “Ambitious, kind-hearted and strong-willed “

Favourite music genre and artist? “Gospel, I don’t have a favourite artist, but my favourite song is Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Israel Houghton” (She went straight to her knees after winning the 100m if you remember SA Champs…)

Favourite place in the world? “Has to be anywhere close to a beach, just taking in God’s creations and with loved once of course”

Other sports and teams you support? “I watch most sports because my family is sport crazy. I support local rugby, I support the Lions and then I support all sports in South Africa. I am very patriotic and lastly, Serena Williams is one of my favourite sports women” (Just waiting for some comments on the rugby team she supports hehe, and to add, Conley’s sister is Physiotherapist for the South African men’s u/23 soccer team…so it really runs in the family)

Who is your role-model and why? “My role-model is my sister Simone Conley. I really appreciate the way she lives her life, she has been a strong, steadfast woman in Christ and she is crazy ambitious. She will never settle for less then her best and growing up seeing her be the best she can be has motivated me to be the best that I can be”

Single or taken? “I’m single”

Craziest thing ever done? “I allowed my aunts, at age eleven, to dress me up and sneak me into my first club experience! They made me look like a cheap hooker…lol” (Hehe is that crazy or the craziest? I wonder which athlete has done crazier)

Well, some crazy things was done in her life, but she still remains steadfast in her relationship with God. She is living her dream and we wish her nothing but the best with her African Championships and Olympic goals.

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