Tebogo Mamathu is back and she is back with a bang. Having almost been unbeaten in her youth and junior sprinting days, it was see to her being side-lined for almost two years after matriculating; but, after clocking a blistering 11.40sec 100m time earlier in the domestic season, one could proclaim that Tebogo Mamathu is back. We had a chat with the ever-so-smiling sprint-star:

What is your nickname? “Lol nickname…hmmm…to be honest, I don’t have a nickname. Everyone calls me by my name (besides Thando, he calls me Baby)..Haha I’m kidding…okay I don’t have one, just Tebogo”

Describe yourself in three words? “Bubbly, happy and enthusiastic” (Well, she is exactly that hehe)

What School did you attend? “Monument High School in Krugersdorp” (She says it with a smile, wonder why)

Three most important things in your life? “1. Family: family is so important to me, there’s definitely no place like home. 2. Doing what I love (which is currently athletics) is also important to me, because it wakes me up in the morning and drives me everyday. 3. School: education, because with it, you have direction in life and my mom always taught me that education is key no matter what”

If you were to be a superhero, who would you be? “Yoh…Hahaha I guess Cat Woman” (Interesting choice hehe)

What is the last thought before you settle into the blocks? “Swing your arms, you got this, you’ve got nothing to lose, let’s go”

Favourite series, music and movies? “Series: Empire. Music: I listen to R&B and a bit of Hip Hop. Movies: Hahaha I actually like and watch a lot of movies, but I don’t have any specific type of movie that I like”

An interesting fact of you that not many people know? “I am too playful…hahaha and as much as I laugh a lot, I am actually very much emotional, because most people think I am always laughing and I am never in a bad mood or get mad or sad, but I do”

This was a very fun interview with a sprinter who laughs her way through life. Tebogo Mamathu, you are not far from qualifying for the biggest spectacle on the athletics calendar, so go out there and do best! South Africa and Backtrack Sports support you fully!


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