Tlotliso, better known as Gift, is a young South African junior athlete who has already made name for himself on senior level in South Africa and he is hoping to continue that by reaching the 10.16secong qualifying mark soon. Let’s find out more about the SA Junior 100m champion:

What is your nickname? ” I don’t have one, I’d say my middle name, Gift, because everyone calls me that”

Biggest moment in your young athletics career? “I think winning Commonwealth last year and running that 10.20sec 100m, that changed my life completely”

If you were to be a superhero, who would you be? “Well, I would say Batman because I grew up watching the Bat-man a lot and when I played with my friends I would choose batman” (Gift ‘The Batman’ Leotlela? Or not?)

Why did you choose sprinting? “Haha well…you know when you are young you run and do all sports? So since crèche I have been running fast (lol), maybe not fast, but I was winning all the time by far, so I’ve always loved running” (mmmm some modesty in that ‘maybe not fast’)

Describe yourself in three words? “Quiet but dangerous” (Joh, is that even a description? Lol)

Favourite country, place to eat, series, music and movie? “New Zealand, it’s an amazing country and it is way different from SA and it is always busy, even at midnight! Favourite place to eat is Cuppacinos, it would be perfect to take out your girl to that place (extra 10 points for him) and I don’t really watch series, but I love Zeke and Luther. Music: Rnb (The Weekend and Adele), Hip Hop: variety of SA Hip Hop artists and movie: I love a lot of movies, but Ted is the best.

Who is your role-model and why? Wayde van Niekerk, because he is a God-loving man, everything he does it is God first (before and after he runs). He is humble and giving and the fact that he made me believe that I shouldn’t limit myself keeps me motivated and of course, we are from the same province.

Taken or single? “I’m taken.. (he says with a smile)”

Gift Leotlela boasts with a best of 10.20sec in the 100m and he is only 18 years old. The world-class junior athlete is a man with little words, but it seems like all his talking is done on the track. Champ, we wish you nothing but the best in Europe.