Wayne Snyman has been in the athletics (Race Walking) business for quite some time and it is great to see him reaping the benefits of all his hard work. Snyman has been one of the top South African race walkers for the past ten years, and after qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games earlier this season, we can expect to see much more of him. We had a chat with him:

What is your nickname and where do you get it? “I don’t really have a nickname, but my friends call me Ween because my wife’s name is Nien, “the Ween and Nien show”, is what they always say”.

Biggest athletics moment in your career? “It would have to be my debut in 2006 when I was selected for my first senior South African team. And this year February when I qualified for the Olympics, it was really special for me”

What high school did you attend and what other qualifications do you have? “I attended Goudveld High School in Freestate, I studied B.Sc Human Movement Science at Pukke, after which I did honours in B.Sc Sport Science. I also have a Post0graduate Certificate of Education from Tuks and I currently had to put my Masters on hold because I want to focus on athletics” (Talk about a great example!)

Favourite series, movie, music and place in the world? “Series-Scrubs and Game of Thrones, Movie- Remember the Titans and We Are Marshall, Music- Rock & Roll, but I’m not too cool for the Vengaboys, Place- I travel a lot so it’s difficult, but Stellenbosch! South Africa is a beautiful place!” And later he said “My favourite movie is Peter Pan, early 90’s movie with Robbin Williams, or rather, my wife says it’s Hook, not Pieter Pan” (Hehe)

Describe yourself in three words? “Energy, crazy and persistent”

A few things people do not know about you? “I have national colours for Chess, Karate and Biathlon” (Talk about multi-talented and intelligent)

Who is your role-model and why? “My father in law, he is a real special person for me, a true example of who I want to be one day and he always advises and supports me. The other person is Chris Britz, because he has been leading me for many years with wise words”

Who is your coach and some words for coach? “Dave Smith. Dave and I have a very special bond, I am very glad that he helps me, wakes up for our Skype sessions and he knows when to be hard” (Dave Smith is a legendary Australian race walking coach)

What do you to ‘chill’? “I love to braai and spending time with friends”


Well, from Chess to Karate to Race Walking, nothing can keep Wayne Snyman from excelling! Well done on qualifying for the big Rio 2016 Games, we know you will do great wherever you go! You can do anything you put your mind to.

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Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images