Shotput men

South African Athletics is at its best ever and the time has come for us to give recognition and respect to the most important people: the athletes. The ‘get to know your South African Olympians and Olympic prospects’ campaign is a campaign in which we ask the country’s Olympic qualifiers and prospects ten random questions (the same for everyone) about them that people might not know at all.

The first athlete who agreed was Shot-Put sensation Orazio Cremona. This is what he had to say:

What is your nick-name? “Acho”

Favourite food? “Pasta made by my gran” (There’s no food like home-cooked food they say, nice)

What other sports and teams do you support? “I enjoy Clay-Target Shooting, rugby, soccer and I support the Springboks and Arsenal” (Just waiting for the Arsenal haters to comment hehe)

Describe yourself in three words? “God, family, Shot-Put”

Favourite music genre and favourite artist? “Christian music: Chris Tomlin and Hip Hop old school Kanye West”

Favourite place in the world? “Munich in Germany” (I wonder why…mmmm)

Single or taken? “Taken” (Sorry ladies, he is taken)