At the Athens Olympis in 2004 she came 35th, in Beijing 33rd, London 4th. And now in 2016 she is the Olympic Silver medallist after 12 years, 4 Olympics. Sunette started the competition with a throw of 64.92 which seemed like the winning throw. This had her leading until the 4th round where Sara Kolak from Croatia had to come out with a National Record throw to move Sunette down into second, where she stayed until the end.

Sunette now ads an Olympic silver to an amazing international carreer that started in 2003 where she has gotten medals on all the major stages.

1 x Olympic Silver Medallist
2 – World Champs Bronze Medallist
2 x Commonwealth Games Champ
4 x African Champ
2 x World Cup Silver Medallist
2 x All African Games Bronze Medallist
2 x World Universsity Champ
4 x Diamond League Champ
11 x National Champ
Current African Record Holder