Womens 800mAthletics (Track & Field) in South Africa is slowly but surely climbing up the ladder as one of the country’s favourite sporting codes again and it is great to see the athletes receive the deserved media-attention, admiration and earned support. One such athlete, Liza Kellerman, has shown how much her sporting achievements over the past year did not go unnoticed when she was selected as Monument High School’s 2017 Head Prefect for sport!

Liza Kellerman has become a household-name in track running (senior and junior) when it comes to middle distance running in South Africa. Not bad for a seventeen year old whose sporting career is only starting? Nonetheless, it’s the short-yet-powerful blonde’s sport curriculum vitae (CV) that makes senior athletes doubtful and nervous when they see ‘her’ name on the start-lists. In the 2015 and 2016 season, Kellerman was selected to represent her country in the 800m and 1500m a staggering seven times; bear in mind that the dream for many athletes is to wear the green and gold once in their lifetime. Liza bagged a gold medal at last year’s Confederations of African Athletics (CAA) Youth Championships in the 800m, made the semi-finals in the same event at the World Junior Championships later that year, represented South Africa at Southern Region Youth and Junior Championships (two separate championships) and was part of the team that flew the flag of the country high at this year’s African Senior Championships in Durban. She was also included in the South African team that competed at the ASA night series relays in the hopes of qualifying for their respective major championships and lastly, the young leader will be the pride of her school when she represents them at this coming December’s Region 5 Games in Angola. What a CV for a seventeen year old! Who said athletics cannot take you places?

Despite her athletic success, Kellerman remains humble, treats her fellow competitors with dignity and she possesses the ability to make everyone (despite race or culture) feel welcome in her presence. Her drive for positivity, success, humanity and love are just a few traits that tells us she is more than just the ordinary athlete, she is a leader! Thus, her selection as a head-prefect at one of the country’s top sporting schools does not come as a surprise.

Liza Kellerman is proof that sport and the drive for success and humanity has the ability to make you one of the future leaders of our beautiful country.


Written by Reginald Hufkie