Janse van Vuuren started her quest for hammer glory at 14 years old but it’s only 5-6 months ago that she felt she’s actually starting to master her craft.. She credits her record to her coach, Basie Koen, as she made her move to the hammer throw centre of South Africa in Sasolburg in 2015 where she’s been training with African hammer throw legend Chris Harmse..

On Breaking The Record
“There’s no actual feeling to put on it because we are still so far from the rest of the world. I think we’re one of the few countries who has their senior record standing in 60s and then you look at the world record standing at 82.92m” said Janse van Vuuren with a bitter-sweet tone in her voice.
She does, however, feel that the breaking of the record is somewhat a stepping stone to move not just her distances forward, but hammer throw as a sport in the country.
“I hope that breaking the record will motivate other girls and create both passion and interest in the hammer throw. But it’s quite difficult to think of a future in the sport with the low number of experienced coaches”

Preparation For The Record
You’d expect a record breaking athlete to have had a fair amount of rest building up to the competition, but that was not the case for Janse van Vuuren as she didn’t have enough sleep the night before, didn’t really eat the way she wanted to and drove all day making her feel tired to even think about competing.
“I didn’t even want to throw, everything didn’t go how I would have wanted it. Breaking the record was a surprise because the throw itself I felt very slow even though my warm-up was how I’m used to it.
It was a difficult time because even in training I couldn’t throw 60m, not even with the hard throws. But I guess something must’ve went right”

Janse van Vuuren’s perfect preparation¬† for a record shattering performance includes a fast and light gym session the day before plus a carb and protein meal the night before competition. Good night’s rest within normal sleeping hours and staying fresh the following day without using too much energy.
“Most important is to stay calm and focused. Then go for the record with all you’ve got”

All we have to wonder is can Janse van Vuuren throw further, and if so, just how far can she improve on her own record